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~>`I'M COpYwRiTtEn , So DoNt HaTe On Me<~

MiZz Muneca...Me Myself & I

15 January 1985
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The name is Cathy -aka- Ms. Muneca ♥ I was Blessed On this Earth in '85, I'm 23 Years YOUNG & LOVING every Minute of my L ! F E & I LIVE it to the FULLEST ♥ I was Born In Manhattan and raised In East Elmhurst NY & Recently Moved to FL were I am Reppin` the Orlando area, BUT my HEART belongs to NY ♥ I have HIGH HOPES & NOTHING LESS ♥ I am VERY much INDEPENDENT ♥ I am CLASSY & BEAUTIFUL ♥Very confident ♥ Very DETERMINED!! ♥ I always have a SMILE in my Face NO Matter What the SITUATION IS ♥ I can ALWAYS FORGIVE but i will never FORGET ♥ My Nationality is Puerto Rican & Colombian which makes me a COLORICAN ♥ SOME People say I am Quiet .. Don`t let the quietness FOOL you !!! ♥ I am a Very Outgoing Person just DON`T get On My BAD SIDE ♥ Always up for a good time =]] ♥SHOPPING = LOVE, CLUBBING, MOVIES, ima MUSIC head ♥ I am a VERY EXPENSIVE type of GIRL ♥ I have a TATTOO on my Right Shoulder Blade ♥ I am 1OO% Family L O V E R & NO ONE can ever CHANGE that!! ♥ I can count the number of people I am TRULY close to on ONE HAND ♥ HATE DRAMA!!! ♥ Don't trust easily[consider yourself lucky if i do] ♥ I've learned a lot through mistakes made in life ♥ Could care less wat people think ♥ NO Regrets! ♥ I am Happily In LOVE & also LIVING with the LOVE of my Life Jose ♥ God Blessed him in my life in September of O5 & WE started Dating on October O7, 2OO5 which that makes us Together for 3 yrs & 1 month, and Very Much HAPPY ♥ Our LOVE Grows STRONGER AND DEEPER ♥ If you want to know more about me you know what to do.. point blank___ME = AMAZ!NG.

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